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PT-35 troubleshooting tips and tricks

Troubleshooting tips and tricks for the CMC PT-35 hydraulic tilt and trim

Below are some basic troubleshooting tips for the CMC PT-35. Hopefully this helps get you back on the water sooner.

Download the full PT-35 manual here


PT-35 will not go up or down

 1. Check for dead battery.

2. Reset the circuit breaker at + battery terminal.

3. Check continuity through toggle switch.

4. Check wire continuity from switch to connector.

5. Check for 12 volts at toggle switch, wire labeled +

6. If these check well, replace the hydraulic actuator.

PT-35 only runs in one direction

1. Check the toggle switch.

2. Check wire continuity from toggle switch to connector.

Actuator runs but unit does not move up or down. 1. Check hydraulic fluid level.
Unit at up position leaks down to the bottom. 1. Run unit up and down several times. Could have debris in check valve. If this does not correct the problem replace actuator.
Unit at up position and will not come down. 1. Make sure there is no foreign object binding the unit. If there is no foreign object binding the unit, replace the actuator
Unit will not trim under power or goes up very slowly while not under power.

1. Check with ammeter on + line to see if registering 50 - 60 amps when unit is run to top and is “bogged” down. (Unit will pull 25 - 40 amps during up and down motion).

2. If a smaller gauge wire has been spliced into wire harness, this could be the cause.

3. Check with voltmeter to see if getting 12 volts from battery. Also check it as the PT-35 is running. If voltage drops more than 1 volt, the battery is not supplying enough power.

4. If the actuator “free wheels” and does not leak down, the system is low on fluid or has air in system. See servicing, page 5 for instructions to refill and bleed air.

Unit is in the down position and “locked up” (bogging down). 1. Turn the emergency relief valve (see page 6) counter clockwise 1/2 turn to open. Run the switch up for 5 seconds then down for 5 seconds. Close the emergency relief valve by turning it back 1/2 turn clockwise. Now run the switch up and down. The PT-35 should now raise and lower