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Aluminum Propellers

Stainless Steel Performance at Aluminum Pricing


Hustler Aluminum Propellers Available For
Evinrude®, Honda®, Johnson®, Mariner®, Mercury®, MerCruiser®, Nissan®, OMC®, Suzuki®, Tohatsu®, Volvo PENTA®, and Yamaha® ENGINES

Turning Point Propeller Engineers have captured the best high performance stainless steel blade designs in our Hustler® aluminum product line. By using the latest squeeze cast manufacturing technologies, we produce propellers with minimal blade flex, thin tip profiles, aggressive rake angles and variable pitch. Finally, high performance at a price any boater can afford. What you can expect from the Turning Point Engineering Team:

  • Performance Upgrade to OEM and Aftermarket Propellers
  • Squeeze Cast for Added Strength and Stainless Steel Performance
  • Stainless Steel Blade Geometry
  • Industry's Only Aluminum Prop with Tuned Vents for Fast Hole Shot
  • Performance Tuned Rake and Progressive Pitch Angles
  • Improve Handling and Boat Lift
  • Long Lasting 5 Step Powder Coat Finish
Changing out your aluminum or stainless steel propeller is quick, easy, and inexpensive with the Turning Point Interchangeable hub system. With a unique lifetime warranty hub, any damaged blade requires only that you replace the housing, which can save you hundreds of dollars over the years compared to competing rubber hub propellers.

Squeeze Cast for Added Strength

Turning Point Exclusive Process applied to all aluminum props - Squeeze Cast process generates the highest mechanical properties attainable in an Aluminum cast product, resulting in tighter grain structures. Competitors use old Die Cast processes that results in high blade flex and poor performance. Take a look at the two different Aluminum Casting images displayed below:

Turning Point Exclusive Process

  • Tight Grain 
  • Thin, Strong, and Stiff Blades 
  • Reduces Flex for Maximum Thrust 
  • Easy Repairability, allowing for strong weld points



Competitors' Process

  • Pockets, Voids, Air Bubbles 
  • Weak and Flexible
  • Inefficient Transfer of Power
  • Poor Repairability

Tuned Vents for Fast Hole Shot

propeller-vent-view.pngVent holes in the prop's barrel allow exhaust gases to escape, reducing water density around the propeller's blades during acceleration. This causes the propeller to rotate faster at slower speeds resulting in more HP. More HP at lower speeds means faster acceleration and a faster hole shot.


High Flow-through Barrel Exhaust System

propeller-exhaust-view.pngMaximizing exhaust flow increases horsepower and top end speed.


Improved Speed, Handling, and Boat Lift

Turning Point has designed the most advanced and aggressive: progressive pitch designs, highest rake angles, and tuned cupping available for the Boating Industry.

Tuned Progressive Pitch Angles

Accelerating and channeling water to minimize slip increases performance and fuel economy.

Available Propellers by HP range


8 - 20 HP 2.5 inch gearcase aluminum propellericongearcaseb.png 8-20hp with 2-1/2" gearcase uses the 200 Series Hub Kit System.

iconbladewrh3.pngiconrotationwrh.png 9", 10" pitch options


20 - 35 HP 3 inch gearcase aluminum propellericongearcaseb.png20-35 HP with 3" gearcase uses the 20 Series Hub Kit System

iconbladewrh3.pngiconrotationwrh.png 11", 13" pitch options


40 - 75 HP 3.5 inch gearcase aluminum propellericongearcaseb.png40-75hp with 3-1/2" gearcase uses the 10 Series Hub Kit System

iconbladewrh3.pngiconrotationwrh.png 8", 10.5", 11", 12", 13", 14", 15", 17" pitch options


40 - 150 HP 4.25 inch gearcase aluminum propellericongearcaseb.png 40-150hp* with 4-1/4" gearcase uses the 500 Series Hub Kit System

iconbladewrh3.pngiconrotationwrh.png 11", 13", 15", 17", 19", 21" pitch options


135 - 300+ HP 4.5 inch gearcase aluminum propeller
135 - 300+ HP 4.5 inch gearcase aluminum propeller

icongearcaseb.png 135-300+hp* with 4-3/4" gearcase uses the 500 Series Hub Kit System

iconbladewrh3.pngiconrotationwrh.png15", 17", 19", 21", 23" pitch options

iconbladewrh3.pngiconrotationwrh.png**iconrotationwrh.png17", 19", 21" pitch options

* Turning Point's propellers labeled with a diamond or square mark and 500 Series hub kit systems are an interchangeable upgrade for Mercury® Flo-Torq®, Michigan Wheel® XHS®, Solas® Rubex™ systems. NOTE: Not applicable with Turning Point's 10, 20 and 200 Hub Kit series.
**NEW for 2012: Hustler 4 Blade Aluminum Left-Hand Rotation props; 17", 19", 21" pitch options.

NEW Hustler 4 Blade Aluminum Propeller


New Four Blade Design uniquely engineered with two blade geometries: two blades utilize the Hustler high performance variable rake and aggressive pitch design (Blades 2) for incredible hole shot and cornering, and two blades utilize an "offshore" (Blades 1) style shape for high speed and maximum stern lift. This combination results in the highest performance aluminum propeller on the market, unmatched in cornering, acceleration, boat handling, and top speed. This is the ultimate water sports propeller, but also offers any boater four blade performance with none of the usual handicaps of this design.
  • Uniquely engineered with two different blade geometries
  • Increase top speed and stern lift (Blades 1)
  • Increase hole shot and cornering (Blades 2)
  • Unmatched in cornering, acceleration, boat handling, and speed
  • Ultimate water sports and performance propeller in the market
  • Available for engines using the large 4-3/4" gearcases
  • Diameter: 14"
  • Pitch options: 17", 19", 21"
  • Rotation options: Right-Hand (standard), Left-Hand (LH New for 2012)
When switching from a 3 Blade propeller to this newly designed Hustler 4 Blade, use the same pitch as your 3 Blade, unless your current Wide-Open-Throttle RPM is running in the lower third or below the recommended WOT RPM range for your engine. If your current propeller is running below the recommended RPM range supplied by your Engine's Manufacturer, consult your Dealer or use Turning Point's Prop Wizard program to help find the correct pitch for your application.


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