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Engine Cooling Pumps and Accessories

Features of our Engine cooling pumps:

• Versatile: the flexible impeller pump combines the priming feature of positive displacement type pumps with the general transfer ability of centrifugals. it will pump either thin or viscous liquids and can handle more solids in suspension than other types of rotary pumps. it operates at low or high speeds - can be mounted at any angle and pumps in either direction with equal efficiency.
• Self-Priming: Pumps instantly, with dry suction, lifts up to 10ft (3m); up to 25ft (8m) when wetted. Permits cleaner, safer installations. no foot valve required.
• Simplicity: one moving part - a tough, long-lived, wear-resistant flexible impeller, lubricated by the liquid being pumped. no metal-to-metal pumping action - no gears to jam, clog or become noisy.
• More capacity: Flexible impeller pumps, in general, require less space because they deliver greater flow for weight, size and price than other types of pumps.the data given for the engine cooling systems and pump selection is for guidance only. it does not cover High Performance engines. You should always consult the engine Marinizer.It is important that Jabsco engine cooling pumps and systems are matched during the design of ship’s engine installations. Once installed, safety margins must be safeguarded, i.e. the emphasis must be on PREVENTIVE, not corrective maintenance.



Pressure ranges:

Standard Impellers

Suitable for continuous operation up to the following limits:
• ¼”, ³⁄8” and ½” port sizes to 40ft (12m) head,
• 17.3psi (1.2 bar).
• 1” to 2” port sizes to 70ft (20m) head,
• 30.3psi (2 bar).
Special high pressure impellers available for certain models. impeller life will be extended by operating in the lower portion of recommended pressure range.

temperature range

  • 45° to 180°F (7°-80°c)
  • For fluids less than 45°F (7°c) consult with the factory

operating Speeds

Ball Bearing Pumps
• ¼” or ½” ports: 3600 rPM max.
• ¾” or 1” ports: 3000 rPM max.
• 1¼” ports: 2200 rPM max.
• 2” ports: 2200 rPM max.

Cooling systems most commonly used for marine propulsion engines are:

• Heat exchanger cooling
• Keel cooling
• Direct cooling


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